Key Fixing and Chords

Unless you happen to have both perfect pitch and a pure, accurate singing voice, the chances are that singing on a chromatic scale will result in some unwanted MIDI notes. One way to reduce the amount of MIDI clean up in your DAW is to restrict the output notes to the specific range of notes […]

Tips for Pitch to MIDI

In this page we’ll be going through some tips in order to try reduce the need for MIDI cleanup Key Lock To get the best experience when using Pitch to MIDI we strongly recommend using a key lock. Most people’s voices won’t stick accurately to a certain key or scale, so a key lock will […]

Pitch and Control Settings

Dubler includes various features to convert input singing to output MIDI notation.  This page covers pitch feedback and pitch settings. You can find a separate page on note restriction and key fixing here. Pitch Wheel The pitch wheel gives you feedback on the pitch you’re singing and the corresponding note that is being sent out […]