Setting up ASIO4ALL on Windows

In this article we’ll guide you through how to setup ASIO4ALL in your DAW. ASIO4ALL is a freeware universal audio driver for Windows . If your audio interface already has a native ASIO driver, we recommend to use that. However, if your interface does not come with a native ASIO driver, or if you are […]

Microphone recognised but no audio in Dubler

If you’re using Mac you might find that security settings are preventing Dubler from receiving audio. To fix this go to Apple system preferences. And navigate to Security → Microphone and make sure dubler is checked as an allowed to input.   Audio should now be received into Dubler. You may need to restart the […]

Reducing Latency on Windows

Windows will generally need a few additional adjustments to ensure the best low latency performance when using Dubler. The steps below will help you streamline Windows and have the best experience when using the Dubler Studio Kit. Disclaimer: Vochlea can’t be held responsible for any issues that are caused by changing settings of your operating […]


What is latency? Audio latency refers to a short period of delay (usually measured in milliseconds) between when an audio signal enters and when it emerges from a system. With the Dubler Studio Kit, this will be the time between you making a note with your voice, and when you hear the sound come from […]

Setting up an IAC Driver on Mac

Some applications on Mac, such as Logic Pro’s Mainstage, won’t automatically recognise Dubler as a MIDI instrument. This is something we’re currently working to fix, but in the meantime you can use an IAC Driver as a workaround. What is an IAC Driver? An IAC bus allows you to create a number of virtual MIDI […]